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  • Fuck yeah


    • Well I got my full bridge screwed in today after years of surgeries and resurgeries. So far I have eaten 2 corns on the cob, 1 steak, 1 crunchy salad, and 2 apples. Nice to taste fresh, crunchy food with whole mouth again.

      And it has been literally decades since I've eaten with zero pain/irritation. Surreal. Nice birthday present for tomorrow.


      • Max Engel sighting this morning. Was walking on the trail with a friend in Overton Park down the hill from TCU and saw a guy walking his dog pass us going the opposite direction. Thought it looked like him. Then a bit later he passes us going the same direction. I called out to him and asked if he was him and he answered in the affirmative. Was friendly. I shook his hand and said glad to meet you. I mentioned I worked at TCU. He said his dog was out walking him and didn't seem to want to stop and chat for long. I don't have the level of negativity toward him that many do. Don't always agree with him but often do at least at some level.


        • MercenaryLibrarian
          MercenaryLibrarian commented
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          I'm ambivalent about him as a human. As a "journalist," I think he's a hack that uses a tabloid mindset to drive traffic to his articles.

      • Orthostatic intolerance

        After four doctors, that’s what the neurologist noticed in his log and then was able to observe in the office. Essentially, the doctor said that Daniel grew faster than his circulatory system could keep up with.

        That’s almost the same thing that they said about his feet and the cramps he had that kept him out of soccer this year. For that they said his feet grew faster than the muscles that support them. He was having horrible cramps that he could barely walk some days.

        He went from like 5’6” to like 6’3” in a year. His feet went from like a 9/10 to like a 15/16 in that same time.


        • Duquesne Frog
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          Good lord. You guys should stop giving him HGH ...

        • RSK
          RSK commented
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          Them some big feet. As the old man used to say, could stomp out forest fires with those.

      • The Curse has a sense of humor....

        Yeah....I dont believe it either....


        • NFFrog
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          And here I thot it was going to be a Kotex joke or something.

        • Boston Frog
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          Old-school FW companies have met some sad endings