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  • The Podcast Thread, Resurrected

    Friskyfrog , listening to a Radiolab podcast that has a pretty interesting conversation at the end about sign interpreting Jeff Ross (notorious insult comedian) at a show.


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    Originally posted by Duquesne Frog View Post
    Friskyfrog , listening to a Radiolab podcast that has a pretty interesting conversation at the end about sign interpreting Jeff Ross (notorious insult comedian) at a show.

    That was interesting. I've seen a couple different comedians start messing with their interpreters and I'm always impressed with the how the terps stay right on task. In the Jeff Ross case, the interpreter's job was absolutely to represent what he was saying and not try to guess at what the deaf person watching wants to see.They bought a ticket to the show, they get the show. It would be insulting and unethical for the interpreter to decide on her own to filter and censor the content. My guess would be that the deaf person was more embarrassed at their communication being singled out in this huge arena than actual discomfort at the graphic nature of signs. Deaf culture is notoriously blunt. If I had $100 for every time I've been told something like "that dress makes you look fat," I could have retired by now. And all of the signs around sex and body functions are exactly what you would think that they would be. On a related note, I learned that there's a sign for "brain fart" this week and it's hilarious. It's literally the sign for fart done on the forehead.

    I once had a situation where I was interpreting at the middle school and I wasn't sure what I should do. I do not generally interpret, but I was in the room and the class was doing an activity where comments were going back and forth across the room so I took one side and the interpreter took the other so she didn't have to run back and forth. So I was interpreting and a student - in the middle of a long, pointless screed - threw in "like when Jennifer Lawrence shot Trump the bird." In a split second I had to decide, do I actually shoot the bird to a room full of middle school boys? Because "shoot the bird" is something that they are allowed to say at school, but it's not something they are allowed to do at school. And me throwing that out had the potential to completely derail the class. Do I fingerspell s-h-o-o-t-t-h-e-b-i-r-d? This is an idiomatic expression my student would probably not understand. Because this all happened in a split second, I froze and just went on because I'm a sucky interpreter anyway. Afterwards, I asked both the interpreters what they would have done and got opposite answers, one said "hell no I wouldn't have flipped the bird" and the other said "absolutely I would have flipped the bird." So there are judgement calls that happen in the interpreting job.


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      Ok, other Podcasts I'm currently binging ...

      The British History Podcast ... talking about Last Kingdom made me think of this one. Guy goes into excruciating detail about Britain from the Roman occupation on. He's going chronologically and has been doing the thing for something like 8 years and hasn't even gotten to the Norman Conquest yet. So if you want some Anglo-Saxon minutiae like me, this is your show.

      13 Minutes to the Moon ... BBCpodcast. Season 1 is mostly about Apollo 11, season 2 is Apollo 13. Goes into more detail about the grunt engineers in Mission Control than most documentaries.

      Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend ... consistently funny. That dude is an underrated comedy genius.

      The Last Post ... Alice Fraser is definitely underrated unless you happen to live in Australia or listen the The Bugle podcast. Very funny.

      Ologies by Alie Ward ... almost always interesting discussions with esoteric scientists who study esoteric things. She's a very engaging host ... if you watched 100 Humans on Netflix (meh, IMO), she is the hot red-head who was a host on that show.


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        I like the Daily Beast’s The New Abnormal.


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          And Rachel Maddow’s Bag Man.


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            Bunga Bunga. About Silvio Berlusconi's rise to power in Italy back in the naughts. Total harbinger of Trump's emergence.


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              Been around for a while but new to me ... the Judge John Hodgman podcast. Awesome pallette cleanser. People write in with silly arguments that married/partnered have and he renders judgement. Clean, light hearted, non political goofiness. Example argument ... does eating the center of an ice cream pint, rather than working from the top down, make you a monster?

              Also started listening to Crushed which is a podcast about the 1998 McGwire-Sosa home run chase and the steroid Era. Not light hearted, but she couches it as the moment she fell in love with baseball as a kid and then it simultaneously broke her heart. Similarly, in hindsight, I think that was the beginning of the end of my love of the MLB. A buddy and I did a huge Midwest tour of stadiums that summer and saw McGuire and Sosa several times on the trip.
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                This season's Slow Burn is hosted by former TCU running back and current Slate journalist Joel Anderson! It's about Rodney King and LA riots. Joel did a season a few years ago about Biggie and Tupac that did nothing for me just because I was never a fan of theirs and couldn't get invested in the story, but episode 1 of the new season dropped and it was really good. Plus you need to support a Frog.

                Joel also appears on this week's Frogs o' War podcast talking about Coach P.