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  • Scotus

    I feel like this is going to be the dumbest and most vomit inducing process ever.

    ​​​​​It starts off with Fox News saying it is divisive and discriminatory to nominate a black woman.

    I think Republicans would win by shrugging and kissing any nominee's rear. It isn't a critical or crucial nomination and a phony show of bipartisanship would help Republicans in the midterms.

    I doubt it happens. I don't think the ability to resist demonizing the other exists.


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    Originally posted by pcf View Post
    I don't think the ability to resist demonizing the other exists.
    This is accurate.

    These confirmations have become such a spectacle that senators on both sides are scared to anger the vocal loonies by approving of the pick of a president from the other side of the aisle.


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      Some of the senators are slimeballs playing to the loonies.

      Example I just read was about one of the potential nominees being questioned about being appointed by the US govt as a public defender for a Guantanamo detainee.

      "Do you have terrorist sympathies?"

      There's no way on earth these men are that dumb.It has to be a clumsy attempt to assassinate a character or feed the loonies.

      I wonder how they would react if someone listed all the cop killers, pervs and sickos that these men legally represent from their elected position and then asked if they sympathize with them?


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        Our favorite Ted "I would rather be in Cancun" Cruz has declared Biden's promise to nominate a black female for SCOTUS as offensive and insulting. Only 6% of the population are black females, he retorts so Biden is saying that 94% of our population is ineligible to be considered. "If you are a white guy, tough luck. If you are a white woman, tough luck. You don't qualify." If only there was a time when white men had opportunities to be SCOTUS justices. If only there was a time when white women had opportunities to be SCOTUS justices. If only trump had used his nominations for white men and women, then they would have had a chance to be represented.


        • NFFrog
          NFFrog commented
          Editing a comment
          Well since a far smaller percentage of the population has graduated from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and/or Notre Dame Law, mandate that their male and female grads be excluded from consideration as well.

          Just to pwn Cruz.
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