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    My wife’s goddaughter is wondering about finishing her degree at TWU and playing soccer. Does anyone know anything about how TWU is now as far as academics or anything?

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    I know nothing of the school, but I do know that they are working on improving the area. It’s not in the greatest part of FTW. Might be finished by now, but they were working on widening Rosedale and had opened up a few new businesses across from campus.
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      All I know is from working in the library for several years. I left about 6 years ago because the environment was toxic (I was actually discriminated against because I was male) and the administration was making some terrible decisions. I've heard that it seems to have a good reputation with students though. Most of the complaints fall into the categories of:
      • no campus life
      • lousy food options
      • bad part of town
      • not conservative/religious enough
      • overpriced
      So I can't really say what the place is like as a student, but as a former employee, I wouldn't recommend it to anybody.


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        I know next to nothing about what TWU is like for students, but they did recently announce the construction of an on-campus football stadium:


        • MercenaryLibrarian
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          Yeah, that whole football thing kinda irritates a lot of folks that work there. Like the librarians. We kept getting screwed over by the administration and kept hearing about possible financial issues, but they insisted on bringing in an expensive sport.

        • Lyle Lanley III
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          I've had the financial case for starting a football program at a small school explained to me several times, but I can never remember how it ends up making sense. I know it's worked out very well for Mary Hardin-Baylor, but I'd guess they're more the exception than the rule.