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Talking about Culture War in the churches

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  • Talking about Culture War in the churches


    What a mess from every angle.

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    Speaking of the culture wars and religion I have to say the SBC's surprised me completely in releasing the sexual-predators-amongst-the-clergy report. I would have given very long odds this would never, ever happen.

    Are SBC's changing???
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      Seems like a good place for this. Guess where one of the 5 went to college? Ill give you two guesses, with the hint that it isn't Baylor ...


      • Friskyfrog
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        Ugh, that quote. I mean, I don’t really expect exegetical analysis from sports figures but Jesus said nothing about homosexuality. And I know it’s too much to expect push back from sports reporters but it seems easy enough to go “oh, where did Jesus say that?” Honestly this article should include the basic fact checking reality that there is no record of Jesus ever saying this. Left alone this article is genuinely harmful to the queer community.

      • Duquesne Frog
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        Yeah non of the stories I read made it sound like there was any push back from the team or media. I saw one quote from a former player who came out as gay stating that this is why most gay players continue to stay closeted. And a lot of "this won't be a disruption." Which is precisely the problem that you point out ...