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NIL $ for Horned Frog athletes

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  • NIL $ for Horned Frog athletes

    I know there's been some talk on here about how to shove some (legal) money into the pockets of TCU student-athletes under the new name, image, likeness (NIL) rules the NCAA implemented last year.

    I just had this fly across my radar: The Flying T Club. Looks like they're more or less paying athletes to come to their parties. Cool T-shirts, too.

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    There's also Riff Ram Vintage, which is a marketplace for buying/selling old TCU gear. They've got some cool stuff, too!

    They've signed NIL deals with a variety of Horned Frog student-athletes, including:

    -Luke Savage & John Kodros (Baseball)
    -Messiah Bright, Gracie Brian and Lauren Kellett (Soccer)
    -Kenzie Nichols (Volleyball)


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      Originally posted by Lyle Lanley III View Post
      The Flying T Club. Looks like they're more or less paying athletes to come to their parties. Cool T-shirts, too.
      Got an email blast from the Flying T Club today announcing that Damion Baugh is now officially on their payroll. Word is they're paying athletes $2k/month to be "ambassadors" for their club, show up at parties and interact with members online in some capacity. Apparently have raised over a quarter million already.


      • Boston Frog
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        $250k is pretty impressive

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      Apparently Eddie Lampkin is now part of the Flying T Club's roster of TCU athletes with NIL deals.


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        College football was fun while it lasted


        • Friskyfrog
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          I see no way that TCU can ultimately remain a part of BTCF in this environment. Fanbase just can’t be near big enough.

        • MercenaryLibrarian
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          Between COVID, NIL, Transfer Portal, our coaching debacle, and our recent meh-ness, my excitement for cfb is practically nil (yes, that was intended).

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        Newest Flying T Club newsletter says they've added six new TCU athletes to their payroll:
        • Andrew Coker & Mark Perry from the football team
        • Micah Peavy, Chuck O'Bannon, Xavier Cork & Jakobe Coles from the basketball team


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          Interesting story from Fort Worth Inc about TCU volleyball player Madilyn Cole getting a $10k NIL deal with a Chicago-based car insurance company called ClearCover.


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            Sounds like the Flying T Club has branched out from the football/baseball/men's basketball path they'd been on previously, and added 4 TCU beach volleyball players to their roster of paid "ambassadors"


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              Eddie Lampkin, via his Instagram account, is teasing a July 8th unveiling of something called either "B4E" or "B4G"


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                Looks like Hooks Lincoln hosted an event last night with Luke Savage and his non-profit organization, Blessed Feet. Not sure how much (if any) money Savage made on the deal, but it's good to see a local business putting on a promotion alongside a TCU athlete.